Základy počítačov - pozvaná prednáška

Z SensorWiki


Invited lecture for students at FEI STU in Bratislava, complementing the whole semester of Computer basic lectures. The lecture will take place at FEI STU in Bratislava, room CD-150 on Friday, Dec. 14th, 10:00


  • History and status now.
  • Limits and beyonds.
  • Computers as a service.
  • Future challenges:
    • blokchain,
    • quantum computing,
    • cognitive computing,
    • clouds and services,
    • internet of things

About the author:


William Carbone is an enthusiastic Italian born in Southern Italy. He studied Aerospace Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome and Electrical Engineering at UAS Technikum Wien from which he also received MSc in Information Systems Management with a thesis on cognitive technologies and machine intelligence, in cooperation with IBM. While studying, he started his career as Business Analyst at IBM. Later he became a Business Operations Manager. Thanks to his passion about Watson and cognitive systems, his move towards the cognitive world, offered by IBM, was a natural fit. William is now leading Cognitive Initiatives for Enterprise Services in Bratislava. Member of the IBM Academy of Technology, William is also the Chairman of the Technical Expertise Council for Slovakia and Czech Republic.