Orienteering course at BISb

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Day 1: basics at playground

Exercise 1: Line following

Exercise 2: Simple courses with SI chips

Results: http://sandberg.orienteering.sk/bisb/

Exercise 3: Simple course at the park

Day 2: street-o at the city center

Start point near the Tram stop Kapucinska (24 minutes from the school, stop Drobneho). The area of the city center will be covered. Pros: safe area, no cars, good map Cons: far away, transport tickets required https://www.google.sk/maps/place/48%C2%B008'42.3%22N+17%C2%B006'18.5%22E/@48.1450856,17.1028273,641m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=en

Please look on the instructions, whether you need another person. The training is self-paced, so I hope you can do it alone.

Instructions: http://ap.urpi.fei.stuba.sk/balogh/ob/bis/BISb_Training03-Instructions.pdf

Maps and other material to print can be downloaded here: http://ap.urpi.fei.stuba.sk/balogh/ob/bis/

Day 3: mix at the Partizanska luka

here are coordinates for wednesday:

We meet under the Cerveny most (Red Bridge), GPS 48.174014, 17.073983 https://www.google.sk/maps/place/48%C2%B010'26.4%22N+17%C2%B004'26.3%22E/@48.174014,17.073983,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=en

If you use a school bus, there is a parking lot nearby.

Public transport:

Drobného 13:23 Bus 83 Patrónka 13:33

Patrónka 13:40 Bus 43 Červený most P+R 13:42

If you can't leave school sooner, let me know and I'll wait you 20 minutes later.

Here are the maps for wednesday:


There are two files - I can't decide the readability, it depends on your printer. You can print either 2 smaller maps on a single sheet (cheaper, but less readable), or one map on single sheet. Please decide based on print result. One map per child. Thanks.

Best regards,


PS: Regarding the first aid course - although I don't have a specific one, I have a drivers licence and first aid course is a part of it - if this helps.

Day 4: forest score at Iuventa

Rainy day alternatives


Evaluation and random thoughts

short evaluation of the orienteering course at BISb.

Course consists of four lectures, 2 hrs. each.

1st: Introduction Not very good from my point of view. Start in the classroom was unhappy decision. Presentation of map symbols was boring. I plan to completely change this for the future and everything will be done outdoor.

Second half at the school playground consists of two independent exercises, one for map following and second for map orientation. Much better than first half.

2nd: Partizanska luka Easy orienteering course at the meadows, small part in the forest. We started with very short course all together, reading the map and trying to find all objects around us. Students claimed it was too easy. Then they had to find 10 control flags around. Also claimed as too easy.

3rd: City orienteering Focus on path planning and map orienteering. The task was to find 13-14 places in the historical city center and to answer the simple questions at the right place. Unfortunately I was not personally here and have no feedback. Also the weather was not very comfortable

4th: Forest orienteering near Iuventa Most difficult exercise - random choice of controls, most of them in the forest, some on really challanging places (stones far from the road). Requires not only the orienteering, proper navigation but also the planning. Overall performance was better than I assumed, at least for some students.

Conslusions: I am not sure whether the students were there voluntary or compulsory. Some of them were really interested, but some of them absolutely not. Those not interesting were inhibiting also those who would enjoy the activities.

I was surprised with very poor clothing. For the next time, the outdoor equipment is a must. Especially for winter times.

For the next event I would appreciate the list of the students in advance. It was difficult to get in touch with them without the names.

I was also unable to get the homeworks from them. It was not good, as I am missing the feedback and I am not sure whether the goals were satisfied.

We don't have a plan B for the case of the really rainy day.

For the next time, I would change:

1st lecture completely outdoor, no powerpoint, no classroom activity. I would exchange the Lectures 2 and 3. I would like to have a list of students and also a mobile phone contact to a teacher.

I would like to know also your feedback and let me know whether you are still interesting to continue with the second block. But please, be aware the weather will be more challenging this time!