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.lib obsahuje vzhlad suciastky, ako bude vyzerat na scheme .dcm sa vola rovnako ako suciastka, ale obsahuje dokumentaciu - popis, nazov a link na dokumentaciu

Schematicka znacka - datasheet a dokumentacia:

do pola mozno vlozit URL na dokument na webe, napr. .pdf u vyrobcu.

do pola mozno vlozit aj URL na lokalny subor v takomto formate:


tretia moznost je vlozit tam URL na lokalny subor relativne


Toto je myDatasheet ulozeny priamo v projektovom priecinku

Pole dokumentacia moze byt vlozene v schematickom editore (vtedy je informacia prenasana tusim so suborom) alebo v editore suciastok a este je aj treti sposob. Zmeny v editore suciastok sa prenasaju s kniznicou, zmeny v scheme su len v scheme. Informacie v kniznici sa zasa bez prislusneho suboru ktory by sme pripojili k scheme neprenesu dalej.

Creating libraries, I was trying to include the URL to the component datasheet. I've seen this can be done on two different places in the schematic library editor:

   Datasheet field: inside Field Properties (button with a "T")
   Documentation File Name: inside component properties (button that says "ABC" with an op-amp and a gear) in Description tab

They are independent things and they behave differently as well. For instance, when using the component on a schematic, the way to open the datasheet URL is different:

   Datasheet field: open component properties ("e" key) and click on datasheet field and "Show Datasheet"
   Documentation File Name: you can see a PDF/Acrobat icon on a few different places, e.g. right-clicking a component, using the library browser, etc. which is nicer in my opinion.

On top of this confusion, the Datasheet field is common between aliased components but the Documentation File Name can be different.

Why are there two different ways of doing this? Is any expected to be deprecated/removed?

ANS: The Documentation File that is entered using the library editor is saved in the .dcm file with the same name as the .lib file. The Datasheet sheet field entered using the library editor ('T') is saved in the .lib file. The Datasheet sheet field entered using Eeschema is saved as part of the schematic file.

There are three different ways to this and I don't think any of them are a good solution. I maintain my own library of datasheets and application notes for components that I use.