Arduino, AVR a avrdude

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Programming the AVR processor with an Arduino bootloader:

Following two lines works only with special version of the avrdude which is part of the Arduino package:

avrdude.exe -Cavrdude.conf -v -v -v -v -patmega328p -cstk500v1 -Pcom2 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:SlowBlink.hex:i
avrdude.exe -Cavrdude.conf -patmega328p -cstk500v1 -Pcom2 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:FastBlink.hex:i

Following version works fine with the avrdude since 5.8. version - tested with the version included in WinAVR version 20100110

avrdude.exe -Cavrdude.conf -v -v -v -v -patmega328p -carduino -Pcom2 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:FastBlink.hex:i

This is the easiest way: use the avrdude version >5.8 which supports arduino bootloader directly

avrdude.exe -Cavrdude.conf -v -patmega328p -carduino -Pcom2 -b57600 -D -Uflash:w:FastBlink.hex:i