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Color sensor TCS230 a TCS3200

TCS230 Principle.png

Sensor module TCS230LM contains the TAOS TCS230 Programmable Color Light-to-Frequency Converter (see datasheet). Sensor consists of an array of 8x8 photodiodes in groups of four. Each group contains Red, Green and Blue filtered photodiode. Fourth photodiode is clear, measuring an overall light intensity. Spectral responsivity of the photodiodes is on following chart (left):


Module used for measurement contains also a pair of white LEDs to achieve uniform lightning of the measured object. Sensor itself measures only light reflected by the object or light emitted by the light source e.g. LED. Spectral responsitivity with IR filter installed and white LED illumination is on the above diagram (right).

Output from the sensor is a frequency proportional to the intensity of the selected color. As the sensor contains only one light-to-frequency converter, it is necessary to select which color should be measured. This is accomplished simply by addressing an appropriate multiplexer input.